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Commercial real estate in Vancouver BC sells. The population of the city, a low unemployment rate, and higher than average disposable income means that business in our beautiful coastal city is booming. Vancouver Business Brokers connect sellers with the buyers looking to capitalize on this lucrative market.

Why should I sell my commercial space in Vancouver?

The real estate market in the city is still in flight. More than one-hundred thousand people moved to Vancouver between 2001 and 2019. The relatively good North American economy allows tourists to travel to the Canadian coast as well.

The overall effect of tourism and an increasing population serves as a revenue generator. The $137 billion GDP and growth rate of 4.5 percent mean that Vancouver represents 7.5 percent of Canada’s economy.  Tourism alone is a $15 billion-dollar industry.

From Stanley Park and the harbor to the outskirts, commercial real estate sells. 2018s real estate sales were the second highest on record. Nearly $6.47 billion traded hands in 2018.

However, thirty-three years of record growth show signs of coming to a gradual end. Higher taxes on the wealthy and attempts to dismay foreign investors looking to increase prices without using real estate are having an effect.

Banks display more scrutiny now than at any time in the past three years when reviewing loan applications. With a broader slowdown, prices will start to fall. Sellers looking to capitalize on the market before it peaks need to consider selling before the end of 2020.

Where can I buy commercial properties in Vancouver?

The current market benefits sellers. However, business never stops. People need to meet their space requirements and location is everything. Restaurants need to take advantage of the growing culinary scene, and industry must invent while funding still exists.

The undersupply may finally be coming to an end over the next year. The market is starting to return a period of normalcy.

Business brokers help buyers find the right properties that meet their needs. Your space must be perfect. Constant foot traffic, a central location, and size are all critical factors.

We offer buyers the research tools to obtain the best value at the lowest prices. Our agents post thousands of listings allowing you to discover what works and what does not in your area.

How do business brokers benefit sellers and buyers?

Online listings are the perfect way to increase visibility. Your space needs to stand out from the crowd to attract potential buyers willing to pay a premium.

We analyze every space to ensure that a property surpasses our quality standards. Owners receive this information to fix problems and time their listing for maximum effect. Sellers benefit from the peace of mind of a thorough inspection.

Commercial real estate in Vancouver BC presents an incredible opportunity for purchasers and property owners. With signs that the market is near its peak, there has never been a better time to sell. Low unemployment and high income put businesses in a prime market.

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