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Drones were initially military technology for surveillance applications. They are now standard for individual entrepreneurs, SMEs. Large firms and any other possible entity needing Cambridge drone aerial photo and video. Statistics indicate that there are at least 16 million drone sales as of this year. People inevitably find practical ways of use.

Common drone applications


The Hollywood industry makes excellent use of commercial drones. Smaller production firms like our Cambridge photography firm also find value in drones for all kinds of aerial shots.

Wildfire management

Wildfires are a fast-growing problem that will quickly turn everything into ashes and spread to residential areas without fast mitigation. The trouble is that it is challenging to spot forest fires without the skills of a Cambridge aerial photographer. The traditional infrared rays are possible, but they have a problem because they need a human-crewed aircraft. NASA discovered that wildfire monitoring is more straightforward with drones because they have favorably slower speeds for more explicit images.

Tracking disease

Drones are interesting at detailing the patterns of illness, such as the malaria strain. The change of mosquito habitats means a difference in the victims. Scientists can develop an accurate infection pattern with the successful employment of drones. The role of drones is to frequently map out recent changes while comparing them with patient records. The drone has enough programming to complete automatic surveillance while ridding clients of the duty to map out every detail with inadequate data.


Drones are one of the first applications that come up when trying to investigate a sensitive security concern. They are excellent at real rescue missions, such as identifying dangerous chemicals that could worsen a fire site.

The authorities use drones to track criminals and pull out victims of kidnapping from the most hidden spaces. Using drones to chase down criminal activity does not have precedent; however, they produce the best results in time-limited cases.

When not to use drone photography in Cambridge

An aerial photographer in Cambridge MA understands the basics of places they should not fly. Here is a quick breakdown of what you should avoid:

  • Airports – You need the authorization to fly within five miles of the airspace.
  • White house – All areas above and around the white house have a strict no-drone policy.
  • Sports areas – Paid sporting venues restrict the use of drones to protect the IP of the event.
  • Designated wildlife areas – The FAA requires that one respects demarcated wildlife areas or not to fly below 2000 feet. This rule is the hardest to accept but is critical in protecting vulnerable wildlife.
  • Security areas – Initially, the FAA was strict on flying around the bases, but they now have strict prohibitions around all military bases. They also restrict flying over prisons because several people took advantage to drop contraband items to inmates during a filming drone videography session. The DOD has several no-fly zones; hence one should seek authorization before launching the drone.

How can you know where to fly? OTBx Air is an aerial photography company in Cambridge MA that makes it easy for you because we have a definitive guide for all kinds of spaces. Use our commercial pilot by calling 617-804-1252 for the best aerial photography at reasonable rates.

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