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The Four Seasons residences on Peninsula Papagayo attract the attention of tourists thanks to the 5-star conditions and luxurious style. They are by far among the best rental locations in Costa Rica. We, at PEXS, can make your vacation an epic adventure filled with exhilarating activities and beautiful vistas.

Good rental locations in Costa Rica

Residential locations at the level of the Four Seasons rise to a new level of comfort and luxury. On Peninsula Papagayo, the few high-end resorts dotting its landscape offer you incredible conditions and various activities. Leave aside everything else, and enjoy your rest at these resorts:

  • Villa Palmares
  • Casa Manta Ray
  • Casa Armadillo
  • Virador Villa
  • Monkey Villa
  • Vila la Escapa
  • Villa Nacascolo

The Four Seasons rentals have some of the most hospitable restaurants in the area, and also exceptional panoramic views of Costa Rica’s natural habitats. If you want to explore the peninsula, we can organize personalized sight-seeing tours either by land or by sea. We can take you fishing or surfing, golfing or hiking. Our concierge services strive to enhance your comfort and satisfaction as much as possible.

What can you visit in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a land where nature rules everything. The country strives to preserve the rainforests and the landscapes as they are. Therefore, as a tourist, we can take you on mountainous trips where you can go hiking, or we can take you on a cruise on the Pacific Ocean.

The rainforests are another eye-dazzling jewel of Costa Rica. Through the canopies and into the heart of the forest, you will find various animals and plants that will captivate you entirely. Our professional guides know the ins and outs of Costa Rica’s landscape, and they will show you everything there is to see.

Hospitable resorts in Peninsula Papagayo

Choose one of the many Four Seasons residences, and you will live like royalty during your stay. Maximum comfort, combined with luxurious treatment represents the very lifeline of these resorts. Use our services to benefit from our personalized concierge program, and make your vacation perfect.

Among the Four Seasons resorts, the ones with the highest comfort level are Bahia Culebra, Casa Manta-Ray, Villa Palmares, and Casa Pericos. We offer in-depth information about each of these locations on our online platform, so be sure to use our databases before making a decision.

Is Costa Rica good for a family vacation?

All of the Four Seasons residences are spacious and comfortable enough for one or even multiple families, depending on the number of people. Costa Rica is one of the most luxurious tropical destinations for a family vacation thanks to the various activities available. Land exploration, sea cruises, tennis, bikes, playing at the beach, swimming, and many more are available at the resorts.

At PEXS, we provide the necessary information you need to make an educated decision about your vacation destination. And we firmly believe that Costa Rica and the Four Seasons resorts are entirely worth it. For more information, contact us, and we will get back to you shortly.