Article provided by: Walter Unger CCIM, CCSS, CCLS Associate Broker

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Most real estate investors start with residential real estate because a majority of them already know how to buy homes. However, commercial property can be a great addition to your property investment portfolio, too. If this is your first time buying commercial land for sale Phoenix, these tips should guide to a successful transaction.
Know what you are buying. Commercial property can by anything from apartment complexes to office buildings, warehouses, motels and hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations, and much more, but it can also pertain to unused space like vacant land or a vacant lot.
Understand your goals. Identify your reasons for purchasing commercial land in Phoenix. For instance, you might want to use the land to build and a run a business, build equity, or earn rental income.
Explore options and find what you can afford. You must know exactly what you can afford, and you must be sure that the revenue you can earn from the commercial land will be more than enough to pay for your loans, insurance, and taxes that are associated with it.
Get advice from an expert. If you are new to buying commercial land for sale Phoenix, a specialist can guide you and help you avoid costly mistakes. Consider Walter Unger, a successful commercial real estate broker in Arizona with 15 years of experience in working with commercial REO properties and banks.
Walter Unger can assist in strategic planning, financial planning, and acquisition and disposition, and provide investment advisory. As a land specialist, many of his clients remember him for his expertise every time they need help in buying more commercial land in Phoenix. You can check out commercial land listings or contact Walter through this website.
investment real estate Arizona Phoenix