Checklist before Sell Your Home in Sacramento

Deciding to Sell Your Home in Sacramento: A Checklist

Before selling your home in Sacramento, take the time to conduct a thorough cost/benefit analysis, and establish a time frame for the process, by asking yourself some key questions.

Why Am I Selling?

What are your motivations for selling? Are you planning to size up within your neighborhood, or move somewhere else entirely? Be clear and honest with yourself about the implications of any decision on your finances and lifestyle.

When Should I Sell?

Establish a time frame for selling your home. Whether you’re looking to sell quickly or have the luxury of time, our real estate agents will help you review market conditions and identify the optimal time to sell within your timeframe.

How Do I Optimize My Finances?

Our agents will help you assess your real estate prospects by casting an expert eye over your financial situation and devising an effective planning strategy that will make your money work for you.

What is the Market Like?

When trying to understand the state of the property market, our knowledge, expertise and negotiating skills are your greatest allies. We will keep you connected with the latest developments in the local marketplace, such as the pricing, financing and terms and conditions of competing properties.

How Can Rich Cazneaux Help?

Thanks to our extensive contact networks and marketing expertise, we will ensure your property gets seen by the right people at the right price. We will guide you through the complicated paperwork involved, from the initial agreement to the final documents. Selling property is one of the most important transactions you’ll ever undertake – we’re here to help you make the most of it.

Which Qualities Should I Look for in an Agent?

Consider the following factors when choosing a real estate agent.

  • Education. The person you entrust with an important task like selling your home should have received advanced training and education in the real estate field.
  • Experience and Expertise. A competent agent will be familiar with your local area and the type of property you want to put on the market. If you’re selling your home in Sacramento, the agent should be intimately acquainted with local market quirks and fluctuations, and be able to communicate to you what constitutes ‘a good deal’ for the area.
  • Availability and Commitment. In real estate, timeliness is vital. Your agent should respond promptly, take decisive action when necessary, and make a point of keeping in touch with you to keep you informed.
  • Rapport. Selling a property can be a fraught process even when everything goes smoothly. For an agent, gaining and maintaining your trust is of paramount importance. They should listen to and comprehend all of your needs rather than steering you towards their preferred outcome.
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