Tips for Selling your Home in Sacramento

Top 20 Tips for Selling your Home in Sacramento

Whether buying or selling, preparing to tackle the property market can be a stressful prospect. After all, it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Mitigate the anxiety by arming yourself with our top 20 tips for selling your home in Sacramento.

Maximize the Curb Appeal

Often overlooked, curb appeal is a critical factor in making a strong first impression on potential buyers. Keep the lawn and landscaping in pristine condition. Weed the yard and dispose of dead branches and leaves. Add creative touches like colorful annuals, or make inexpensive upgrades to exterior light fixtures, lawn furniture and the mailbox. If you can make viewers fall in love with the house before even going inside, you’ll gain an edge over local competitors.

Add a Fresh Lick of Paint

This applies to everything from gates, fences and front doors to the exterior and interior of the house itself. One of the most basic value-enhancing moves you can pull off for the cost of a couple of cans of paint and a few hours grunt work.

Fix Those Fixtures and Fittings (Part 1 – Exterior)

Make sure the roof, gutters and downspout are in full working order. Do the same for the doorbell or any exterior lights. Replace cracked windows and torn screens, and scrub the windows and window sills until they gleam. Polish door knobs and knockers – you’ll be amazed at how much sparkle you can unleash.

Deep Clean

Inside, give yourself a weekend to clean the property thoroughly, making sure the walls are clean and smudge-free, the carpets and rugs shampooed, the curtains and drapes freshly laundered, and the hard floors waxed and shiny. Or hire professional cleaners – it will be worth the cost.

Eliminate Clutter

Interior clutter obscures your home’s selling points and makes it appear smaller. Maximise the sense of space inside by removing unused or unnecessary items in closets, storage areas and (most importantly) the living areas. Put the clutter into storage or, better yet, hold a garage sale – you can put any money raised towards making further home improvements.

Fix Those Fixtures and Fittings (Part 2 – Interior)

Repair loose door knobs, sticking doors/windows and warped drawers. Tighten all light fixtures and banisters. Fix any leaky faucets, wobbly sinks and loose toilet seats. Remember, potential buyers will be tugging and pulling on every fixture and fitting they can lay their hands on, so don’t let that be how you discover a problem.

Clean the Kitchen & Bathroom

You’ve already done a deep clean – but double down on these all-important rooms, which are more prone to water damage and unsightly stains. Be sure to fix the caulking in the tub and shower, and scrub stove tops, ovens and gadgets until they shine like new.

Depersonalize & Depolarize

The more personal your space, the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. Put personal items like family photos, travel souvenirs, and assorted knick-knacks into storage. Remove polarizing items like political and religious paraphernalia that could trigger a buyer’s prejudices.

Make Storage Space… Spacious

Re-organize all closets, shelves and drawers. They needn’t be empty, but they must be neatly arranged with plenty of extra room to demonstrate their utility.

Freshen Up the Bedrooms

The more spacious and clean your bedrooms are, the greater your chances of success in the resale market. If necessary, invest in new bedspreads and curtains. Don’t forget to declutter.

Get Strategic with the Decor

A perfectly placed, perfectly sized mirror can work wonders for creating an impression of space, especially in problem areas like office partitions. Make sure any mirrors and glassware are sparkling clean. Similarly, lampshades and rugs can be chosen and placed judiciously to bring the best out of the space. Getting the mise-en-scène just right has a powerful impact on anyone stepping into the space for the first time.

Pay Attention to Neglected Spaces

Basements, attics, sheds, greenhouses, garages – all have a tendency to accrue clutter and are frequently neglected by sellers when sprucing up their homes for potential buyers. Clearing these out and knocking them into shape adds value for buyers with an eye on converting spaces into guest houses, art studios and offices. At the very least, they should be clean and well-organized.


Good lighting is essential for effective stage-setting, and will maximise your property’s appeal. If you prefer living with moody lighting, consider upping the wattage of light bulbs during the sales period.

Stash the Pets, Leave No Trace

For the purposes of selling your home, assume that every potential buyer dislikes animals. Kitty litter, dog bowls and toys should be put in storage and pets, if possible, entrusted to the care of a friend or neighbor. Ensure that hairs and other tell-tale signs of animal life are removed. Eliminate odors. Ideally, potential buyers will have no idea that you have pets.

Don’t Overdo It

Our tips are designed to improve your prospects without breaking the bank, so there’s no need to plan any major improvements. In fact, most buyers want to make any major upgrades themselves. The wisest approach is to sell them the potential at a price they can afford. That said, you should stay on top of all minor repairs – anything less gives the impression that the property has not been taken care of.

Eliminate Smells

Nothing makes a house feel more unappealing than bad odors. Your deep clean will probably eradicate most unpleasant aromas; air fresheners, candles and a well-timed baking session (sweet things only) can take care of the rest.

Flower Power

Fresh flowers and healthy plants are the best shortcut to revivifying interior spaces – and they help eliminate any lingering odors too.

Extra Touches

Along with flowers, accent pillows, a new welcome mat and other small touches can go a long way towards making your home feel welcoming to buyers.

Use a Professional Photographer

Most first impressions will be made at via desktop or mobile browser, so it’s imperative that you get some high-quality shots of your staged house to accompany the online listing.

Work with the Best

Having a top real estate agent on your team can make the difference between disappointment and success. They should be informed about the local market, understand the ins and outs of selling property in Sacramento, and capable of making their expertise available to you at a moment’s notice. Working with a good realtor puts you at a considerable advantage when negotiating the marketplace.

Cast a Critical Eye

Take an inspection tour of your home, observing it as a potential buyer would. Your realtor will of course be a font of wisdom in this regard – but it won’t hurt to enlist a trusted friend’s critical input as well.

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